AusDream – Australian Migration Agents


Basic Information:

Dreaming of studying in the top universities like the Group of Eight in Australia? Do you wish you could experience an overseas lifestyle and access the education quality in Australia? AusDream are here to help! AusDream can guide you through the university application process and assist in your selection for various programs like Bachelor’s, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s.

Entry requirements vary among different universities and different degrees. Generally, there will be academic requirements, English language requirements and some other eligibility criteria. Australian universities also provide pathway programs if you do not fully meet the program entry requirements. AusDream can guide you through the program selection and application process and we hope that we can help you to achieve your desired educational outcome!

​For more information, please contact AusDream staff or visit AusDream office.
Tel: 02 6188 3500
Address: Level 2, 40 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra, ACT 2601