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Basic Information:

Hope to obtain more points for your EOI? One option is to gain the Credentialled Community Language Points. To obtain the 5 points, you can either pass a NAATI Certification Test or a Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Test. For detailed information, please visit the NAATI official website.

NAATI Certification Test

NAATI Certification Test aims to assess whether candidates can demonstrate the skills and competencies required to practice as a translator or interpreter in Australia. For translators, it will be a written test with three tasks for Language Other Than English (LOTE) into English or English into LOTE. For interpreters, the test will involve dialogue tasks, delivered as role-playing.

To be eligible to sit a Test, you can complete a NAATI endorsed qualification for your language stream (e.g., Chinese, Cantonese, Hindi, Thai). AusDream has partnerships with several NAATI endorsed qualification providers and can help with your application for these courses. Please contact us for more information!

Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Test

CCL Test is an online assessment to test your ability to communicate effectively between English and a LOTE. You will be awarded 5 points on EOI once you successfully passed the test. CCL Test is not a professional certification so you will not be able to work as a certified interpreter or a translator. The test contains two conversations reflecting real-life situations in which candidates need to act as an interpreter.

To be prepared for the CCL Test, candidates will usually refer to the official practice material and attend training courses. AusDream has partnerships with several institutions which provide training courses for CCL Test. Please contact us for more information!

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